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Publié par boris maynadier

One voice was raised and sounded strange,
just a thought turned an idea, into something familiar,
it was the whisper of freedom,
that was starting a revolution,
with this spirit as a weapon and unity as a shield.
Yes I am.

The world was first amazed by the sex, drugs and rock & roll,
these people are crazy,
these people are strange,
they didn't understand the power of the claim,
impossible is nothing, was in front of their face.
Yes I am.

An empty canvas land,
is a world without a map,
where air can be shared,
and invisible is fear, like a dog to a child,
ideas will spin, like flowers grow in the field.

It was the dream of a guy that ate flower bulbs to survive,
same reason brought a woman to work from Surinam.
Yes I am.

Lots of no's were said but just one yes remains,
where one - seven - four, just means we are more,
it was for sure,
that no colors stayed pure.
Yes I am.
Oui je suis.
Si io sono.
Sim eu sou.
Si yo soy.
Ja ich bin.
Ja ik ben.

A leaf left the tree and arrived in Amsterdam,
like many hopes of others,
and more and more they will,
inspired by something you can just feel.
Yes I am. I amsterdam.

Le poème Yes I am
est une création de l'agence Bureau Pindakaas, à Amsterdam, et sur la toile (ici)
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